Activities in Santa Maria Navarrese

Enjoy free time in Santa Maria Navarrese

The village of Santa Maria Navarrese, touristic hamlet of Baunei, situated in the middle of East coast of Sardinia, in Ogliastra, is the ideal place for wild nature and quietness lovers: our guests have lovely days on the beach or on the boat, visiting the Baunei’s Coast wonders, or taking a part in festival or events, while the more adventurous can choose between diving, trekking and climbing on magnificent cliffs.
The Hotel Santa Maria staff is at your disposal to recommend you the best activities and itineraries according to your needs.

Diving Excursions

Caves and wreck diving in Ogliastra

You will be amazed by one of the clearest seabed in the Mediterranean; snorkelling through its coves and sea relics will lead you to a different reality…
Exploring the beauty of underwater gardens full of life is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a long time to come.
In the modern touristic port of Santa Maria Navarrese at the center P.A.D.I. you can rent all the necessary scuba diving gear, reserve your place on a guided scuba diving trip, or do an actual diving course. For all ages!

Boat Trips

Boat Trips along the Baunei’s Coast

The Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese’s territory is a splendid mix of sea and mountains and this makes the most beautiful stretch of coast in the whole country: 40 km of cliffs and white rocky inlets that create small bays, that run from S.Maria Navarrese to Cala Luna. There is nowhere else in Italy where one could find such a natural and spectacular coast line.
The Gulf from Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Luna is made up of high sandstone rock formations, which create a cliff-like coastline bordering on the deep waters, the coast is also indented by caves and canyons that give rise to spectacular white sand inlet beaches. Some of the most famous places and must-sees are: l’Aguglia di Pedra Longa, Capo Montesanto, Portu Quau and Portu Pedrosu, Cala Biriala, Cala Goloritzé, Ispuligidenie (Cala Mariolu). Cala Sisine and Cala Luna are the final inlets of this winding coastline.
The Baunei’s coast offers magnificent sights and one of the best ways to experience them is on board a motoryacht. This is not the usual boat trip, on board you have all the comforts allowing you to visit all the most beautiful and romantic spots on the coast and it will take you to the most suggestive places and to the stunning cave “Grotta del Fico”.
The fascinating Gulf of Orosei can be discovered in all of its inlets. The coast is a continuum of images and intense colors which makes the boat ride pleasant and fast, interrupted only by the stops made to jump in the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean!
There is the possibility of personalizing your boat trip upon request.

Trekking in the Supramonte of Baunei

Hiking and Trekking in the Supramonte

From the town of Baunei, following the street uphill through a series of curves, you will find the Golgo plateau, a wild valley of basaltic origin enclosed by a series of fortifications limestone and covered by dense vegetation of oak and juniper, where goats, pigs and donkeys graze in the macchia (Mediterranean scrub) and woodland. Place full of references and sensations of mysterious presences, Golgo plateau is known for the chasm “Su Sterru”, which is the deepest in Europe (280mt), “As Piscinas”, natural basins to collect rainwater and the nuraghe “Co’ e Serra”.
In Baunei’s territory you will find walking treks for all ages and levels. The Supramonte of Baunei is an arid and wild area that contains deep canyons which lead to the sea, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view.
We have one of Europe’s most natural and spectacular trail, the famous “Selvaggio Blu” (Wild Blue).

Wild Blue

There is nothing comparable to the “Selvaggio Blu“ – hiking along Sardinia’s rocky shore is absolutely unique and thus extraordinarily fantastic. The Selvaggio Blu “Wild Blue” is describe as Italy’s “most difficult” trekking tour and as one of the 100 most beautiful treks of the world: a 5-days-hike from Santa Maria Navarrese along the cliff coast of the “Golfo di Orosei“ gulf to Cala Luna.
In between there is a wild and natural cliff coast with wonderful bays. The trekking tour leads partly very close to the sea, partly over 700m above sea level, sometimes on shepherd’s paths and other times off the beaten tracks in the open terrain, partly on exposed rock ridges and partly also in the middle of wild undergrowth of Mediterranean vegetation along Sardinia’s coast.
The biggest challenge, however, is not the orientation itself but the absence of water.

Free Climbing in Ogliastra

Climbing Routes

Baunei– A real paradise for climbers! Baunei’s territory hosts different sectors, close to the sea, 300 pitch sport climbs to choose between single and multi-pitches, including the well famous multi-pitches to ascend the stunning cliff of Aguglia pinnacle in Cala Goloritzè, the “Villaggio Gallico” cliffs, the selective and dizzy crags of Punta Giradili.

Two crags, Castello and Isola del Tesoro facing west, and Palazzo d’Inverno facing east with over 200 one-pitch sport routes, mostly from 6a upwards with steep, fingery and technical climbing on superb rock.

The San Giorgio Gorge is situated above the little town of Osini and forms the natural gateway to the higher karstic plains of the Tacco of Ulassai. The routes are all short or of medium length, with a super-easy access (right above the road) and are in one of Sardinia’s coolest places temperature-wise.

The only crag with bolted routes in the Seui area is found on the east side of the long wall of Monte Tonneri, ideal for summer mornings in a very panoramic spot with great mountain views.

Talana’s only climb is found above the road which from Lotzorai leads to Urzulei, a multipitch route on granite reminiscent of the Val di Mello, one of the world’s sanctuaries for alpine rock climbing, near to Sondrio, in North Italy.

Ulassai has two separate crags, the Cascate Lequarci and the canyon Sa Tappara. There is a new steep sector, the Cave of Dream, facing NW.

Urzulei offers two recently developed crags: Genna Croce, one of the island’s highest crags and the huge face of Punta Cocuttos in the “Gole Su Gorroppu”, world-famous thanks to the very difficult super-route Hotel Supramonte. Also interesting are the multipitch routes of Serra Oseli, yet again on great rock and in a setting of primordial beauty, as well as the crags underneath, again made of rock of exceptional quality.
In Ussassai only recently are the crags being developed: the two splendid pinnacles at Niala, with over 40 routes with spectacular routes of up to 100m in length.

Road Cycling and MTB routes in Ogliastra

Cycling and Hiking on two wheels

Road Cycling
This region offers some of the best cycling in Sardinia: roads where you will find hardly no cars for many, many miles. The area is ideal for groups where some prefer easier rides. There are plenty of great routes, round the mountains or in the back roads around the coast.

Mountain Bike
We have a range of over 50 mountain bike (MTB) routes, from easy cross-country rides in the valley and in the rolling forests on the granite hills to rocky, technical singletrack climbs and descents suitable for experts on the limestone Supramonte.

Wild Cross
We have easy cross country rides on fireroads in the valleys and in the rolling forests on the granite hills, more technical cross-country rides on rough singletrack and lots of really technical “alpine” singletrack. All the trails are natural and are next to the sea, so that you can ride in the morning and swim in the afternoon.

Festivals & Events in Ogliastra

Appointments with tradition

Get to know the culture of Ogliastra.
Let yourself be amazed by the Sardinian religious festivals, traditional dress, handmade art and culinary delicacies.