La Sardegna è un’altra cosa: più ampia, molto più consueta, nient’affatto irregolare, ma che svanisce in lontananza....

In Santa Maria Navarrese, in the centre of the oriental coast of Sardinia, among thousand- years-old wild olives trees and unspoiled beaches, Santa Maria hotel is waiting for you.

The peculiarity of the village are the centuries and thousand- years- old wild olives trees scattered through its streets, where only the white of the little church and the grey of the Spanish tower stand out. The church dates back to 1050, legends has it was built by the Princess Navarra (the town is named after her).

From the modern port and its beautiful surroundings, thanks to its boat services, one can visit any point on the 45km long beautiful coastline. The coastline is interrupted by inlets which create a truly unique sea.

In the town you will find all the essential services to satisfy all your needs.

«  Granite rocks degrading to sea green spots of myrtle shrubs dry moors cause me thirst but open colourful and scentful fields open up my mind let me hope for more rain let me hope for some new guests new friends coming to us to find out the mistery of this island the ancient Nuraghi the purifying wells the Giants tombs the remains of what was our roots… then the beaches sands and the freedom gained through diving in the clear colourful seawater! A moufflon is already climbing  on its way back to the highest peak… (S.P.) »

(David Herbert Lawrence,da Mare e Sardegna, 1921)